Last month I went to Singapore in one of my colleague’s marriage party, he worked in a factory that makes some diet food. One day he brought the famous jello shots from his factory and served with salad which was so yummy. I don’t like jelly so much but this was mind blowing. While having dinner that night he told me about an online casino game which was based on fruits. The name of that contest was fruit fiesta, he further told me about the prizes he won. I asked him to let me teach how to play on those machines.

So we both started playing it free, and I found it very easy. When he got out from my room I again opened the same link on which we were playing. There were two versions of that event one with single payline and other one with three payline. I was planning to play with single payline version but before participating I wanted to go through reviews. At next moment I read some articles and reviews for that slot machine and after reading much enough I started playing on that one. I had no basic strategy, just wanted to get some fun.

I started playing without real money and when I understood, started to bet. Gambling is the game of uncertainty and we can’t say anything that we will win or not, it is all about a hope. I lost my first spin that was not good and I started plan to quit playing but a voice came from my conscience which was forcing me to play ahead, so I played my second chance and fortunately I won that one. After that I play that event for two hours and many spins. It was nice pokie which can also bring fruitful results to you.

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