Lucky Stars Slot Machine One day I came back to home from office very early and planned to go places around Canberra because I was not feeling up to the mark. I have a habit of listening music while I am on the way and according to my habit I was listening to a song while I was travelling to the state. It was a rap song and I found myself unable to get correct meaning of that one so I searched for the lyrics of that track. I found many search result in which, one was belonging to casino. I clicked on that link and saw that it was rephrasing my search into an online poker machine.

The bus, on which I ride, was too slow that’s why I was thinking to play on that machine. So I bought some spins Lucky Stars Slot Machinethrough my debit card and went to playing. It was a five reel and 20 payline casino game which was included an easy to understand theme. The objective of that machine was to match some specific symbols across the payline. I had played many online events before that but it was looking apparently different from other traditional online casino pokies due to its different features and extra ordinary interface.

The range of betting was so high in that poker machine. It was like up to 100 dollars. By the way I was not looking to destroy myself so I played with minimum range. It was contained of some wild symbols like zodiac wheel and some animated arts. I started playing and lost my first chance which made me little weepy but despite of flapping about my loss, I kept continued to play.

My bold attitude brought me a huge amount in next spin by which I could play whole day, but at the next moment I reached to my destination and quit playing that pokie.

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